A bit more about me..

My name is Davy.

I am a highly curious person when it comes to mythology, and I have spent too many hours researching different mythology from around the World. I am more-so interested in Egyptian and Greek mythology.

I will admit that I am a bit of a geek deep down, although you’d never know it 😉 Actually, you’d recognise it straight away. I love World of Warcraft (Boo, hiss, boo!), RIFT and various other geeky games – Oh my God have you tried the Age of Empires game?! Amazing, right?

I love reading, I am currently reading through Dream More by Dolly Parton [26.01.15]. It’s actually a beautiful book. Inspirational book from an absolutely inspirational woman! I will update this as I get through new books.

I’m a horror movie addict, and I have come to the conclusion that I would in fact survive a horror movie – yep, especially a zombie apocalyptic movie. Five point plan: Find a Mall > Lock it down > Find two survivors for company > Note which one I’d sacrifice to the zombies in case they got into the Mall > Be rescued by the Americans (Because they always survive, right?)

I love Dolly Parton, Sarah Palin, and the late President Ronald Reagan. Although I am Welsh (Wales being the country next door to England – for the Americans who keep asking me where it is…), I would sell my soul to the Devil to be an American. I follow American politics constantly, and I support the Republican party.

That’s about it, you have my email to know more – although you shouldn’t need more really… Although I do welcome a chit-chat with any of you reading this!

Live, Love & Learn!

Davy x


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