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When it comes to people’s beliefs and faiths, there are many arguments on which faith is the ‘real’ or the ‘one true’ faith. However, no one can actually prove that one faith is actually the ‘one’. And with the world dominated by Christians (and Christians being the religious folk who tried to snuff out most other religions), it seems that they have found themselves in the “we’re the followers of the real religion” group.

Majority of people totally disregard the pagan (or older) faiths. However, after some seriously hard thinking, I have come up with proof that the Greek Gods/Goddesses actually exist – and still do.

This is my argument of their existence. And it’s an argument based on design.

1. Gazelles are perfectly designed for running away from lions.
2. Lions are perfectly designed for chasing gazelles.
3. This design cannot happen by chance.
4 . Therefore, the design of lions and gazelles must be the result of intervention by an intelligent agent.
5. Gazelles and lions are each designed to thwart the design of the other (from 1 and 2)
7. Therefore, gazelles and lions had seperate designers competing against one another.
8. Grapes are perfectly designed to be useful to make wine out of.
9. What has this to do with gazelles and lions?
10. Therefore, there was yet another designer who made grapes.
11. Therefore, Dionysus.
12. There are also lots of other designers (from 7)
13. Therefore, the rest of the Olympian gods exist.

So that’s my argument of their existence based on natural design 👍