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It is sad news that we hear about the death of Baroness Margaret Thatcher (1925 – 2013).

I have to admit, I am absolutely disgusted in some members of the British public on the reaction of a human being’s death. Before I start discussing this, I would just like to add that the woman was a daughter, a mother and a wife – a human being – like you and like me.

Secondly, regardless of political affiliation, a human being has died, and not in the kindest of ways either. Should we not be at least respectful that someone has died?

Well, some of us, the ones with consciences anyway, are saddened by her death. I am a member of the Conservative party and do support some (not all) of their views. However, I don’t think one needs to be a Conservative to know not to throw disrespectful and distasteful jokes about regarding a woman who has recently died (I was told a joke two hours after her death – needless to say I was disgusted).

I could argue until I am blue in the face with people about whether Mrs Thatcher was a good or bad Prime Minister (I firmly believe she was the best Prime Minister the UK has ever had), however, I don’t think we need to. We just need to sit back and pay our respects to a woman who has recently passed away, leaving behind family devastated.

I am actually astounded by the sheer ugliness of some people by the entire situation. I have lost an awful lot of respect for people who I cherished because of their candid jokes and comments about Maggie Thatcher.

Well, I for one, would like to speak on behalf of everyone when I say this:

Rest in Peace, Margaret Thatcher. You will be missed by millions.