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November 6th is going to be a day the Republican Party will look back on over the next four years and kick themselves.

It’s unfair to blame Governor Romney for the loss of the election. I personally don’t think it had anything to do with the fact that he wasn’t Conservative enough, because frankly he was. The reason he lost the election to Obama was simply because the Republican Party have lost touch with a large consensus of people.

So I did some research and put together five points in which the Republican Party could improve on for the 2016 election.

#5 Eliminate the party’s idiots.
Someone has to say it. There are a lot of idiots bumming around in the Republican Party. The party isn’t going to be taken seriously when we have people such as Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock running for office shouting off about legitimate rape, or saying that it’s God’s will. This is ridiculous and sickening.

Republicans can moan as much as they want that Senator McCaskill got reelected instead of Akin, but when it comes to voting in a Democrat or a Nazi, the Democrats will always win.

#4 Attract the Latino vote
President Obama can rejoice in the fact that he stole the Latino vote from Governor Romney, easily. Latino voters chose the President over Governor Romney 71 to 27 percent. These are staggering statistics.

Maybe the term ‘self-deportation’ wasn’t the best way forward when describing a demographic that makes up 10% of the votes. Republicans need to get out there and start talking and listening to the Latino communities. Or, if they really don’t want to, they could always send out Marcio Rubio to do the talking for them.

#3 The Black Vote
It doesn’t take a political analyst to work out that President Obama is black, and that the black community was going to home in on him like women at Primark.

The numbers speak for themselves. Black unemployment is at an all time high – 14%. This situation isn’t getting any better under the Obama situation. So why are they still voting for him?

Republicans want entitlement reform, but they need to re-word their arguments to attract black voters. Shouting and screaming that they’re going to cut entitlements and not lower taxes is clearly not attracting black voters. This makes them out to be less the Grand Ole Party and more the Old Rich White Party.

#2 Bring in the women
The Republican Party want the best for everyone. Women, Men, Children, Black and White voters. So why does the Democratic Party have such a leg up with female voters?

John McCain thought he could close the bridge by bringing in Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate in the 2008 election. This just wasn’t enough.

The Democratic Party used the media well to tell the Americans that the Republican Party was waging a ‘war on women’, when there really wasn’t one taking place. This made it terribly difficult for the Republican Party to claw their way back up during the election.

The Republican Party needs to spend some more money on TV ads telling the American people, particularly the American women, that they’re there to support and work for them! Bring in now Republican women, real women, like Governor Palin, to show that hard working mothers vote for real change, a change the Republican Party can deliver!

#1 Be Consistent
Want to see a Republican candidate sweat? Ask them on camera how they stand on abortion. Want to see a Republican candidate sweat some more? Ask them on camera how they stand on same-sex marriage. It’s fun. They panic, sweat and quickly look for an escape out of the question.

We all know that the Republican Party want less regulation, limited government and lower taxes, but the question is, are they willing to fight for true Social Conservatism or Fiscal Conservatism? Just looking at the voter base after the election shows us that the youth vote went overwhelmingly towards the President. This wasn’t because of his economical policies either. Obviously. It was because they agreed with his social policies.

Republicans need to decide where they stand and run with them – stay consistent. Romney has a terrible flip-flop history when it comes to same-sex marriage and this went against him with the youth vote. Also his confusing stance on whether he would introduce legislation on abortion lost him a great deal of votes with American youths.