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Palin as President? What would that be like? Let’s just think about it for a moment.

Would other countries test America’s resolve? Not likely, if their Commander in Chief were the Lady who can drop a bear fearlessly with a rifle, she would restore meaning to the word deterrent.

She would upend the political world with long lost courage to stand for the founding principles, no acquiescing to appease some phantom requirement to be ‘politically’ correct.

Rogue? Maybe in the sense that being unashamed of defending individual liberties, believing the US, as founded, is the greatest nation ever formed by man and being unrepentant when it comes to calling it like you see it.

A few years ago, before Sarah Palin came on the scene, media folks every where would have called such a politician a breath of fresh air, but apparently that was only while they thought such was impossible to locate. Now, anyone close to meeting that description is bashed and mocked by most media organisations. What changed?

Governor Palin is what she claims to be, as are most of the Tea Party candidates. As long as any candidate could claim to be those things and no one lived up to them, they could back those ideals because fake conservatives are no threat their power grabbing agenda. However, the real deal is a profound threat to their power. If the people can really have leaders that will adhere to the Constitution and that do not think themselves to be or seek to be above the average citizen, why would they ever want leaders who behave as elitists and exercise dominance over them? Hence the threat to the elitist power seeking liberals and their media allies.

I hope Sarah, or one just like her, does run in 2016. We need a simple honest individual that understands, respects and will defend at all costs the Constitution of the US and the coveted liberties it affords it citizens. Run Sarah, run!

Palin 2016.